Citi Bank - New Connection Method in Mint

Mint has a new way of connecting to Citi bank.  This method will make it easier for users to connect to Mint going forward.   For information on this new process, please see below:


  1. What’s new about Mint’s connection to Citi?

The short answer is, it’s faster and more reliable, which means fewer sync errors for you.

The long answer is, Mint now signs in to select banks using OAuth (Open Standard for Authentication) to more easily access your financial accounts.

If you’ve ever signed in to an app using your Google or Facebook account, you’ve used OAuth before. It means that you no longer have to give us your Citi username and password. Instead, you tell your bank, “Hey, I want Mint to access my account!” They send us a special key (called a token) that we use to access your account. After that, we can still securely access your account even if you change your password.

  1. What do I need to do?

    If you have already linked an account, you’ll see messages in Mint to update your connection. Follow the instructions to update, and you’re done!

    If you’re linking a new account (that’s eligible for this new connection), just link it normally and you’re done!

  2. What does the login look like?

            Click to link your Citi account to Mint



            On the Citi login screen, enter your username and password and complete the sign in process


            Choose the accounts you want to see in Mint