How do I track my tax refund in Mint?

With the refund tracker in Mint, you can keep tabs on your U.S. federal and state tax returns after filing with your connected TurboTax account. Use this tool to watch the status of your return, get notified if it’s been rejected, and see when the IRS will send your refund.
Where is the TurboTax Refund Tracker?
Open the Mint app and select Notifications from the bottom menu to find your refund tracker.
If you dismissed the refund tracker notification, it can’t be brought back, and you
won’t be able to see your details. If you still want to track your return and refund,
sign into your TurboTax account.
What if my return was rejected?
We’ll notify you if your federal and/or state return was rejected, and we’ll give you
instructions to fix it.
Can I still connect TurboTax to Mint if I didn’t before?
If you didn’t initially give Mint access to your TurboTax info, that’s okay. You can add your TurboTax info to your Mint account anytime after you’ve filed. 

Select Track your tax refund in Notifications and you’ll see an option to pull
in your tax return info from the past 3 years.  
Why isn’t my refund tracker showing the right info?
For the refund tracker to show your correct tax info, you must file your taxes through
TurboTax using the same account as your Mint account (same user ID and
password). If you’ve filed through another tax preparer, we won’t be able to
track your refund for you.
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