How do I change my device sign in settings?

You have the option to sign in to your Intuit Account with the built-in security features you use to access your device—face, fingerprint, or passcode.

When you turn on device sign in, it’s only applied to how you sign in to your Intuit Account on the specific device and web browser you’re using at the time. If you want to use this sign in option for other devices and browsers, you’ll have to set up each one separately.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you turn on fingerprint recognition to sign in to an Intuit product while using the Safari browser on your computer. In the future, fingerprint recognition will only be available to you on that computer when you use Safari—unless you also set it up for other browsers.

Tips for setting up device sign in with different browsers:

When setting up device sign in, you may run into a browser error if you already have it turned on in a different browser. If you get a browser error, try registering again from the original set up screen.

When you get back to the set up screen, select Try again and you should be able to register successfully.

Turning off device sign in:

You can turn off device sign in through your Intuit Account. You’ll need to turn it off for each device and browser it’s registered for.
  1. Sign into your Intuit Account, if you're not already signed in
  2. Select Sign in & security
  3. Select Device sign in and Turn off
  4. Follow any onscreen instructions to complete your request