Bill Reminders got an upgrade

We have a great new feature coming! It’s awesome -- but some things are changing.
Check out some frequently asked questions about bill reminders.

Q: Why are my bill reminders going away?
A: We’ve got a new bills feature coming that is going to take care of bill reminders and more!
Our new reminders will be more accurate and actionable.

Q: Are all of my bill reminders going away?
A: Not necessarily. We will roll over bill reminders linked to any credit cards or loans you have connected to your Mint account.
However, if you wish to continue receiving reminders for other bills (like your electric or cable), you’ll need to set them up with our new service. But don’t worry, you’ll get even more than you did before.

Q: What is changing about my new bill reminders?
A: Not only will they be more detailed and accurate, you will now be able to schedule payments right from Mint!

Q: Do I need to do anything?
A: If you want to keep all your bill reminders, make sure to log in to Mint and check out our new bills feature when it’s available. Set up any bills that haven’t rolled over and make sure you’re getting the push or email notifications that you want. You can adjust these settings in Mint’s web version.