Revised Privacy Statement – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are you updating in the Privacy Statement for Mint?

The main change for us is that we’ve combined our Privacy Statement with that of our parent company, Intuit.

The Privacy Statement now applies to all Intuit products, including Mint. Other changes are:

a)     It’s easier to read.

The new Privacy Statement has been simplified so you can find what you’re looking for at a glance, with headings and summaries for each section. You’ll also find more comprehensive details about how Intuit—and Mint—collects, uses and discloses information.

b)     It complies with new requirements for international data transfers.

This doesn’t apply directly to Mint customers, but Intuit has updated its Privacy Statement to comply with the new EU-US Privacy Shield. The Privacy Shield is an agreement that protects European Union (EU) residents’ personal information when dealing with US companies. Mint does not currently support EU residents, but Intuit’s commitment to global privacy benefits all its customers.

To see the new Privacy Statement, please click here. To access the previous Privacy Statement, please click here.


2. I understand that the revised Privacy Statement applies to many of Intuit’s services, and not just Mint. Does this mean that as a Mint customer/user my information will be treated differently?

No, your information will be treated the same.


3. Are you changing the information you collect about me or the way you use my information?

No, we have not changed the information we collect about you or how we use this information.


4. What are Mint’s marketing use and sharing practices?

Mint shares your information with vendors who are under contract to help us carry out our operations. These vendors may provide services to Mint including: payment processing, credit score and marketing communications.

However, Mint does not share your personal information:

  • For third parties to market their services to you. We do not share your personal information with our partners or other third parties for them to directly contact you.
  • For joint marketing purposes. We may occasionally partner with third parties and financial institutions to create or offer a new product or service. We will not share your personal information with them.

Please review all of Intuit’s Privacy Statement for more details about our use and sharing practices.


5. Do you sell my Personal Information to third parties?

No, we never sell our customers’ personal information to third parties. This is a core piece of Intuit’s Data Stewardship Principles.


6. Have you changed how you protect my information?

No. We continue to maintain reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect your information. More details on protecting your information can be found here and on the Intuit Security website.


7. What if I’m not comfortable with the revised Privacy Statement?

We have not changed our commitment to keeping your information protected. The terms of the new Privacy Statement will take effect on April 19, 2017. If you don’t want Intuit and Mint to continue handling your information as described in the new Privacy Statement, you may delete your Mint account in Settings or through the Care site.