Credit Score - TransUnion Update

  1. Where do you get my score and report?


We’ve partnered with TransUnion, one of the nation’s top credit bureaus, to get your credit score. Before November 2017, we were getting your credit score from Equifax.


  1. Why did my score change so much?


With the switch to TransUnion, we’ve begun using the VantageScore 3.0 credit score, which is the most commonly used credit scoring model you’ll see from major credit score providers. Before that, we were using a credit scoring model developed specifically by Equifax, which calculated your credit score a little differently.


  1. Why is my score different in Mint and Turbo when they’re both owned by Intuit?


When Intuit switched credit score providers from Equifax to TransUnion, we had to do it gradually, and Mint and Turbo went through the change on different schedules. So anyone who checked their credit scores while we were rolling out our new service might have seen different scores on the two apps.


However, as of November 2017, all our customers are on the same service. Refresh your score in both apps to make sure your service is updated to TransUnion, and you should see the same score in each.


  1. Why is my score different on other credit report apps outside of Intuit?


There are a lot of reasons why your score might look different on other apps. The two main reasons are:

  • The date you refresh your credit score affects what score you see, especially if your credit activity changes throughout the month. If you refresh your score in different apps on different dates, you’ll likely see a different score in each app.
  • Other apps could be using a different credit scoring model, even if they’re getting the score from TransUnion. TransUnion offers different types of credit scores to different credit score providers, which are all calculated slightly differently.


  1. What else is changing with the new service?


We can now send more than 20 different types of alerts to let you know the instant your credit report changes. You’ll know as soon as someone checks your credit report, your score changes more than 10 points, and more. This will help you monitor against fraud, and will also let you know when you’re doing something right.


You’ll also be able to refresh your credit report in Mint as soon as you get an alert from us. Other credit score providers let you see your updated report every week or every month, but not when you need it most.


  1. What if I don’t want my credit score from TransUnion?


You may opt out of receiving your credit score through Mint(/Turbo) by contacting our Care team at


  1. Something isn’t right on my report. What do I do?


If you think something is wrong on your report, you can file a dispute with TransUnion here.