Refreshing issues with Empower Retirement accounts

If you're having issues refreshing your Empower Retirement accounts in Mint, please try doing the following steps first:


1.  Clear your browser's cache and cookie files

2. Login directly to your Empower Retirement account

3. Once there, take the necessary action by updating or confirming your email address or phone number that will be used to receive the one-time passcode

4. After that, please get back to Mint and try to reconnect your account again


List of Financial Institution affected:

- Great-West Retirement Services(Now Empower Retirement - Participant login)

- Putnam 401K Plan(Now Empower Retirement - 401K Participant Login)

- Apple 401(K) - Participant Login

- Apple 401(K) 

- Empower Retirement

- Empower Retirement - 401K Participant Login

- SouthWest Airlines Retirement Plan


If you're still having issues adding/refreshing your EmpowerRetirement accounts, we recommend you to contact our Customer Support team via email or chat so we can take a closer look at your accounts.

Thank you for cooperation.