Why is my Chase Credit Card Balance Incorrect?

Starting April 8, 2018, Chase resolved an issue where sub-accounts could not be added to Mint.  This meant only the "parent" credit card could be added in Mint, and would not include transactions from the child (or sub-account account).  With this solution, you can now add all credit cards, and download the transactions for each sub-account. 

Incorrect Account Balances:

In addition to resolving the ability to add child accounts, you will see incorrect balances associated with these accounts, which is expected to be resolved with a future update from Chase. The expected behavior is that the parent account, carries the overall balance owed, as well as the overall available balance, while the child accounts have a 0.00 balance (transaction data only).  At this time however, all balances are totaled together providing incorrect balances.


  • Card 1 (Parent Card) has a balance of 7500.00 (including charges from the child accounts) and an Available Balance of 22,500 (Credit Limit of 30,000). 
  • Card 2 (Child Account 1) has a balance of 5000.00 and an Available Balance of 3000.00 (allowable spending limit of 5000.00).
  • Card 3 (Child Account 2) has a balance of 500.00 and an Available Balance of 4500.00 (allowable spending limit of 5000.00).
  • The overall balance "should be 7500 (including 2000.00 in charges on the parent card), and an Available Balance of 22,500.00
    • Due to the accounts being downloaded with the same "Account Balance" and the same "Available Balance" the total balance in Mint will be incorrect due to the parent account balances being added 3 times.
      • Account Balance = 22,500.00 vs. 7500.00
      • Available Balance = 810,000.00 vs. 22,500.00


Chase is aware of this issue, and we are partnering with them to resolve it as quickly as possible.  We do not have an available ETA at this time.