AMEX: Missing transactions for credit card sub-accounts

Starting Sept 19 we made changes to how your American Express accounts are aggregated in Mint.  Prior to Sept 19, all transactions and balances for the Main and Sub Accounts were listed ONLY in the main account. With the new changes, transactions will now be separated according to the cards the transactions were charged to (the same separation of main and sub-accounts as listed on the Amex website).

If feel you feel you are missing transactions, please be sure to check all AMEX accounts (including sub-accounts) listed in Mint.  

  1. If the sub-accounts are not listed on the Overview, or list of accounts, be sure to check for hidden sub-accounts.
  2. Verify that the transactions are available on the AMEX website, and be sure to note which card the charge took place on, and that the transactions is cleared (not pending)
  3. Wait up to 24 hours after the transactions has cleared to appear in Mint. 
  4. If after 24 hours you still don't see the transactions in Mint, please use the link below to chat with one our agents.

NOTE: The main account will now show the overall balance of all cards combined. The balance for sub-accounts will now show $0.00.