Why am I not seeing transactions in Mint?

If you are missing specific transactions, here are a few tips that may help:

  1. Make sure the account is up-to-date by selecting the refresh icon next to the account name.
  2. Is the missing transaction still pending or cleared on your bank’s website? Keep in mind, pending transactions may be visible on your bank's website, but will not appear in Mint until they have cleared or posted.
  3. Is the missing transaction older than 90 days? When a new account is added in Mint, transactions more than 90 days old will not be imported into Mint automatically.
  • However, missing transactions and transactions that are 90 days old or older can be added manually. For more information about adding transactions manually, go here.
  1. Do the missing transactions share all of the same details (same merchant, amount, date, etc.)? If that's the case, we only post one transaction in Mint to avoid duplicate transactions. Any missing transactions can be added manually.

Still missing transactions? Select the chat link below so we can straighten out the issue for you as quickly as possible. Please include the following details:

  1. Is this happening with a specific type of transaction? For example, all checking account transactions, only with specific merchants, certain amounts, specific categories, etc.?
  2. What bank and account type are you having the issue with?
  3. Is there a specific date range for the missing transactions?

Please do not delete the affected bank account as all historical transaction data will be permanently lost and we will not be able to investigate further or retrieve any data beyond 90 days.

Reminder: If your missing transactions are more than 90 days old, you will need to create a manual transaction, as we cannot recover these transactions automatically.