My payment did not post with the biller. What do I do next?

We understand that this may be worrisome, but please be assured getting your payment to your biller is our top priority and it's a very rare occurrence that payments actually don't post. However, if it does turn out that yours didn't we'll do everything we can to make it right for you.  

Please check out these steps to determine if there might be an issue with your payment posting:

  • Check the delivery date of your payment, which is shown on the payment receipt that was emailed to you as well as in the bill detail section.

Did the delivery date pass?

  • If so, confirm with your biller that the payment didn't post (either online or by calling them). Please keep in mind that sometimes it takes billers 24-48 hours to update their systems and show that a payment posted (after the delivery date).  

If the biller confirmed that they didn't receive the payment, please contact us and include the reference ID of the payment in your message (also found on the payment receipt). You can also contact us by phone at 1-855-646-3486. We're available 7 days a week 5 AM - 5 PM Pacific time..