What information do I need to have to set up a biller account?

We provide you with a way to add all your bills so you can have a complete picture of your finances:

  1. Large billers (like utility and cell phone companies): there are 2 types of supported billers:
    • Billers you add by linking your account using your login credentials for the biller. Linking your account will let you have the most updated info about your bill since we collect the info for you.
    • Billers you  add using the billers account number. These billers are not currently supported by linking the account, so we let you add your account using your biller account number, amount due, and due date of the bill.
  2. Small billers (like your rent and daycare): For these billers, create a manual bill and add the bill details to keep track of each bill. You can add both recurring and one time bills manually.