How do I hide or delete the new Bills page?

There is not currently a way to hide or delete the entire Bills feature in Mint. There is a request in to our Product Managers to add a way to do this but we do not have an ETA on when or if this feature will be added.
If you want to remove specific bills from Mint, you can do that from the Settings page. However, if the bill is from a financial institution you track, such as a credit card bill, deleting the bill will also delete the transaction history for that financial institution. 
Due to the risk of deleting transaction history, we do not recommend you delete any financial bills from Mint.
We are working on a feature enhancement that will improve the way bills are shown in Mint. You will be able to hide, delete, set to Auto Pay and a few other features once it's live, which should be within the next 10 days.
Until this enhancement is live, we recommend that you 'Mark as Paid' any bills you do not want to see in Mint.