How do I budget for expenses that don't recur monthly?

You can set budgets to recur on a monthly basis, once (not recurring), and on a non-monthly basis (recurring between 2 and 12 months apart).

Here's how to change the spending cycle for a particular budget:

  1. Hover your mouse over the budget and click Edit Details.
  2. Check the correct radio button for "When will this happen?"
    1. If you select Once you will be asked to enter an amount and a date for when the spending will occur.
    2. If you select Every few months, you will be asked to enter an amount, how often the spending will occur (you can choose anywhere between every 2 to every 12 months), and a date for when the next spending date will occur. 
  3. We will then set a side a certain amount of money each month so there is enough money budgeted for the date(s) that the spending will occur.

For example, if you have a $1,000 annual bill for your car insurance, but you only pay it twice a year, you can set a budget of $500 that will recur every 6 months, and Mint will set aside money each month so that $500 is expected to be saved by the date that you need to make the payment.