Known Issue: Computershare (Jan. 7, 2020)

It appears as though Computershare Investor Centre and it's subsidaries are currently blocking our aggregation efforts. We’re in the process of working to resolve this issue, but please note that resolution is dependent on the cooperation of the bank or financial institution.

If your bank is NOT listed below, and you still need assistance, please proceed with contacting Chat Support.

Computershare Investor Centre
Procter & Gamble Shareholder Services
Computershare Investor Centre - Canada
Mellon Investor ServiceDirect(Now Computershare)
Bank of New York - Shareholder Services(Now Computershare)
The Walt Disney Company Shareholder Services (Now ComputerShare)
Southern Company Shareholder Services (Now Computershare)
Mellon Investor Services (Mellon One) (Now Computershare)
Registrar and Transfer Company - IRIS Login (Now Computershare Investor)
Computershare Shareowner Services
Morgan Investor ServiceDirect(Now Computershare)
Mellon Investor Services - Employee Service Direct(Now Computershare)
Computershare (Employee Plan Login)
Computershare (Employee Plan Login) - Canada