Credit card payments are not included in Trends reporting

You may notice that Credit Card Payments are not included in your spending summary or Trends reports.  This is because “Credit Card Payments” by default in Mint are included under the main Category of Transfers with the Sub-Category of Credit Card Payments”.  If you’d like your Credit Card payments to be categorized as spending rather than transfers, please follow these steps:

  1. From the transactions page, select a Credit Card Payment from the transactions page
  2. Click the drop down for Category
  3. Highlight Bills & Utilities (or Category any other spending category you prefer)  then select Add/Edit Categories
  4. Click the Add a Category button
  5. Type Credit, then select one of the credit card options provided (or fill in the entire field you prefer).
  6. Click Save
    • The transaction will automatically be categorized using the new category
    • This category will now be available to use for all new credit card transactions
  7. Go to the Budget Tab
  8. If you have budget item for Transfer: Credit Card Payment skip to step 11.
  9.  Click Create a Budget.
  10. From the Choose a Category drop down, select Transfer: Credit Card Payments and click Save
  11. Locate the Transfer: Credit Card Payments budget, and click on it to open all transactions already using this budget.
  12. Now edit the transactions to change the category to use the new custom category under the Bills & Utilities category (or spending category you chose).

When all the transactions have been re-categorized using a spending category instead of transfer they will now appear in the Trends report.  Feel free to now delete the budget for “Transfer: Credit Card Payments” by clicking Edit Details for the budget item, and then click Delete this Budget.