Request to delete or download your Intuit data

We want to make sure that you can manage your data safely and easily. No matter which Intuit services or offerings you use, you can manage all of your data in your Intuit Account.

Not sure if you have an Intuit Account? You can request to manage your data here.

What can I do?

  • Edit your personal information (email, phone, user ID, etc)
  • Activate or deactivate two-step verification (for enhanced account security)
  • Download your data from our servers
  • Delete your data from our servers

What should I expect?

Once you submit a request to delete data, there's a 72-hour window during which you can cancel the process. During this period, you can cancel your deletion request in your Intuit Account. After the window, you'll no longer be able to cancel the request, and we're unable to retrieve your data.

Download or deletion requests are limited to one request at a time. You’ll need to wait until one request is completed before submitting another.

It takes around 45 days to complete your data request for either download or deletion. You’ll receive an email notification when it’s complete.

Where do I go to access and manage my data?

Sign in to your Intuit Account here.

What if I need more help?

You can reach us at 877-261-6470.


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