How do I add cryptocurrency to my Mint account?

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that can be used online to purchase goods and services, as well as a strategic financial investment. If you have crypto as an investment, you can connect it to your Mint account in a few simple steps:

From the mobile app:

  1. Sign in to your Mint app and select Investments
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) to connect an investment account
  3. Search crypto or the vendor name for your investment account
  4. Choose the vendor and enter your credentials to connect your account


  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Select + Add Accounts from the menu at the top of the page
  3. Type crypto in the Choose an account to link field to see the list of supported crypto companies
  4. Choose the account to link from the list
  5. Enter the credentials to add your account

Now you have a view of your crypto investments in your Mint account. Learn more by checking out our intro guide to cryptocurrency

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