Why are transactions for closed accounts included in Budgets or Trends

When comparing the Net Worth from the Overview Page to Trends, you may see a discrepancy for the following reasons:

  1. If an account is marked as inactive, the account balance is changed to 0.00, and is no longer included in the Net Worth
    • As a result the overview page shows the current net worth value for active accounts
  2. Transaction history for Accounts marked as inactive, is still eligible to be displayed in Trends.
    • When comparing the Net Worth on the Overview to the Trends page, keep the following in mind:
      • When viewing the Net Worth historically over time, Mint will show the values during the time the account was active. Months displayed after the account is made inactive, will no longer be included in the Net Worth. 
      • For Trend Reporting, all transactions including transactions from inactive (closed) accounts will be calculated in Trends unless hidden.