How can I fix missing transactions?

The quickest way to add your missing transaction to your account is to manually add the transaction. But you may want to check if you’re in one of these situations first:

  • Mint imports transactions from the past 90 days only. If you haven't signed in for months or if your account is brand new, you might not see data older than the past 3 months. There is no way to add missing transactions from before that time period
  • Transactions appear in Mint after they’ve been cleared by your bank (no longer pending) and your accounts have updated
  • Check if your account was migrated to a more secure connection
  • Check that your accounts aren't hidden or marked inactive
  • If the missing transaction has the same details as another transaction, like amount, date, and merchant, we may have flagged it as a duplicate transaction and hidden it from your account. Go here to unhide it
  • There may be a temporary outage with your bank. You can check by typing the name of your financial institution in the above search bar


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