How can I fix missing transactions?

Your transactions should show up in Mint after they’ve been cleared by your bank and your accounts have updated. If that doesn’t happen, there may be a temporary outage with your financial institution. You can check by typing the name of your financial institution in the above search bar. If not, you have a few options:

  • Check that the transaction is cleared on your financial institution’s website. If it’s still pending, you may not see it yet.
  • Is the transaction from a newly added account? If so, we can’t import transactions older than 90 days.
  • If the missing transaction has the same details as another transaction, like amount, date, and merchant, we may have flagged it as a duplicate transaction and hidden it from your account. Go here to unhide it.
  • Check that your accounts aren't hidden or marked inactive.
  • Check if your account was migrated to a more secure connection.

If your transaction is still missing, you can manually add the transaction.

Go here to export your transactions.